Mũi Tên Dây Nhảy Bằng Vải Chất Lượng Cao

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Mũi Tên Dây Nhảy Bằng Vải Chất Lượng Cao

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Please read before buying

> > ask stock before checkout
> > write selected batik motif in the description column during checkout
> > if the selected motive turns out to be running out of stock, then we immediately confirm to choose another motive
> > if there is no response from the buyer because there is no stock available, then we send it randomly (randomly)
> > not receiving a return except for the defects from us. (Sobs)
> > checkout equals buying, no cancel

Soft cotton prima
Size: 2 meters x 1.1 meters

> > comfortable fabrics to wear
> > absorb sweat
> > receiving orders for uniformity
> > look forward to our latest product2 with our follow
> > welcome respeller and dropshipper
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235.700 ₫

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