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Notice:Many people ask me,what difference between the common quality and high quality.In China,there are two factory can make Cunzhu figure.One of them name "Xinhao factory".This factory specialized production of high quality figures.The other one production of common quality figures.So Xinhao factory`s figures will more expensive and more delicate. That is the difference.U can see the figure`s box,Xinhao factory will print "Xinhao" on the box!
There are many other merchants who sell seconds at best quality prices.My shop won`t do that.Honest management is my creed !!

Bunny Girl - Sangdaoyouzi

The cheapest in the whole network !!
This figure has 2 editions.Common&High Quality.
For example, like joints、hair and some details.
High Quality will be more delicate.
Tactile impression has Soft and hard.
U can find another Bunny girl(Cunzhu) in my shop.
U can choose which you like.
-100% Brand New.
-Height:42 cm
-Weight:1.72 kg
-Packing: Color box(19×17.5×48 cm)
-Is there an anime image: Yes
Package Includes:
1 x Figure
1 × Color Box
1 × Picture
1 × Paster(9 styles)

Today's order,the next day shipment,from China.

The send time 8-15days you can get it,

If u feel satisfied,give me 5 star and attach some pictures please.thx.

No perfect Action Figures.
Any Action Figures are hard to avoid some flaws.
I suggest you buy high-quality version.
There are many other merchants who sell seconds at best quality prices.
My shop won`t do that.
If you need more detailed pictures, please contact me.
Wish you a pleasant shopping!!

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