Marlboro Áo Thun Đen In Hình 96 Menthol Cá Tính Cho Nam

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Marlboro Áo Thun Đen In Hình 96 Menthol Cá Tính Cho Nam

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Please note the details of the size of the shirt
The size of the t-shirt is smaller than the size of the general

Fullprint uses a high-tech special engine, so the print results are merged with the fabric. It is safe to wash and djamin is not faded.
Serena print jersey front = jersey
Soft pe blkg = pe
- absorb sweat
- comfortable and adem material
- bright print color (no fading)
Men 's chart size: (Wide armpit to armpit x length tip t-shirt to neck) in cm:
Xs = 43x65
S = 45x67
M = 47x69
I = 49x71
Xl = 51x73
2xl = 53x75
3xl = 55x77
4xl = 57x79
5xl = 59x81

Women chart size: (Body girl shape)
Xs = 40x59
S = 42x62
M = 44x65
I = 46x68
Xl = 48x70

Unisex size chart:
No.0 (boy wh 1 years old) = 26x32
No.1 (child 1-2 years old) = 33x42
No.2 (child 3-5 years old) = 36x48
No.3 (child 6-8 years old) = 39x51

Xfor chart size:
- every size + 5000, please add the topping in the shopping basket, thanks... If it 's not in add, then we' ll send the size l

- (measured from underarm width to underarm, neck end length to bottom t-shirt tip)
- there 's 3-5cm tolerance.
- cutting dies a little smaller than the size of a t-shirt.
- please note the size of the shirt.
- the buyer can 't be re-exchangeable, read the product' s description carefully.
1-2 days t-shirt preorder ya kak, t-shirt manufacturing process

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