Balo đựng máy ảnh đa năng T4J3

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Balo đựng máy ảnh đa năng T4J3 Balo đựng máy ảnh đa năng T4J3 Balo đựng máy ảnh đa năng T4J3 Balo đựng máy ảnh đa năng T4J3

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Men Backpack Bag Model Tube Camera Bag Multifunctional Sling and

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Product size 16 Inch
Dslr Camera Bag
Product material polyester material D600 mix D1680 fine nylon proof
It consists of 1 main compartment and 1 additional compartment
Main compartment can be opened to 270 degrees (almost full)
Inner structure of fine satin material full backpack
There are laptop pouch slots up to 12inch
Equipped additional long strap to function partially sling bag, long strap can be removed attached
Bulkhead for laptop pouch of satin material coated foam
Comes organizer and stationary pouch
There are additional pocket tabs / gadgets
Foam-coated backpack strap so comfortable to wear
Behind the backpack there is a pouch to hide the backpack strap when the bag is functioned for the crossbod

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